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Express media service, is the first News Agency in the country based on satellite network using latest technology in the field of communication. We keep in pace with the dynamic technological
environment of today and provide easy access to latest info. EMS commence its activities of News Agency in March 98 from central part of India and rapidly expanded to Northern India, East Northern states, Central India and all major cities of the country. With a rapid acceptability of our method and technology, our subscriber base has seen tremendous growth and we have more than 400 subscribers spread in M.P., U.P., Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana and Tamilnadu, who we have pulled in over in a short span of two year.

EMS has revolutionized the trend, wherever it has put his steps. We are first in many senses to bring new concept to this country. EMS is moving with the latest technology, which is at par with the world’s latest technology, which also works perfectly in Indian condition. Specially designed user-friendly software and the methodology adopted in EMS process helps small people to deliver quality product and in turn also make them technically and economically sound. EMS is concerned about the economy of the user and has taken all the aspect of it while designing the system and software. Thus the end-user gets full freedom to effectively navigate and use the data as per requirements.

EMS provides complete news data in the all subject computers with navigation software "EMSFMS". Through this navigation software you can see headings and details of the news and you can easily browse to news "Language Wise, State-wise, City-wise, News Category-wise also. You can see heading of the news and its details as well, within the software. You can take the prints of all the headings and selected headings. You can also take prints of detailed news and headings of the news, of your choice. EMSFMS feature enables you to copy, move, save, print and delete the selected news files within the software, just at a click of a button.

EMS is the first news agency to have its own website and the whole world is free to watch it. EMS is making its sincere and noble efforts to make news available in 14 Indian Language on Internet such as Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and so on. www.emsindia.com

EMS use different modes for communication, as it is one of the vital fields for us. Multi-mode flexibility in communication also give a sense of reliability as one can always shift to another mode in case of failure of the existing mode.

EMS also has a major contribution towards the up-liftment of the society by bringing technology of today to common man even to those who live in small towns. Our devoted and hardworking team of the skilled journalists, experts and technocrats work simultaneously and online to delivery quality product and services. They are spread all over the country.

We have a large network of Express Media Centers and Internet Parlors situated in small places of all the states. These centers serve as a model for the common citizen of India and provide them an inside of the latest technology and also give them an opportunity to use this technology. Web-information, web-browsing, web-advertisement, e-information etc. based on latest technique, with out operational knowledge of computer. EMS will provide various services to corporate sector in India & abroad.

EMS is the first to provide News in a composed format in India With the changing scenario and up coming technology; more and more information is being made available. The need of the hour is to manage & arrange the huge data received. EMS provides News in Composed format to help the end user to use is directly. This feature enables us to divide News in various categories for quick searching and easily handling of data. This also helps in communication of the original thought without any distortion. EMS also provides supporting software for on-line edition. This service feature gives better news sense and avoids any possibility of communication gap. EMS is the first and only to supply over 600 News item in a Day.

A Devoted and hard working team of Reporters, Journalist and Technician spread all over the country and aboard have made it possible for EMS Hindi Service to deliver more than 1500 News items a day. High speed in communication of News form one place to another gives us more time to access and compose the News.

EMS takes special care to cover regional News. Our specially designed software and the methodology adopted in categorization of News helps us in covering all the News of a particular region. EMS also provides photographs along with News. EMS is the first and only to transmit News in all Indian Language.

EMS has tried to give a common platform to all Indian Languages to work simultaneously. The people of India were being denied the facility of having a News provider/Agency in language of their Region. For a long time, there has been demand of News item in all-popular language. So EMS has fulfilled the demand of receiving News in their-own Languages and had become first multilingual National News Agency of country.

EMS is the first News Agency to have a website in various Indian Languages EMS is the first news agency to have its own web site and the whole world is free to watch it. EMS is making its sincere and noble efforts to make news available in 14 Indian Language on Internet such as Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and so on. Which Includes 18 News Category likes National, International, Sports, and Regional and like that .EMS is having its multilingual websites http://EmsFms.Com, http://EmsOnNet.Com that acts as a platform for news collection and distribution. It also acts as a Global Broad-Casting Media of information and News.

First to provide News through Five Modes of Communication: these modes are Internet, VSATs, Modems, E-mail and leased lines. Our state head offices and other offices of strategically important are interconnected through Internet, VSATs and uses different modes of communication with our Offices. So that all information and News moves at faster rate and is easily available. The service provides by us works at speed of 36-56 KBPS as compared to old teleprinter system having mere speed of .01-.03 KBPS. This technology gives us opportunity and capacity to provide maximum information at minimal spend of time.

EMS is first to provide Photographs with News simultaneously: Our software technology enables EMS to provide photograph with News, Articles and features. Research and studies shows that News with Photograph gives more weight age to its value and make a deeper and long lasting impact on human mind. So EMS has inbuilt photo service along with its News Service. We provide photos from various fields like politics, major national and international events, sports fashion etc.

EMS provides good quality process photographs as they are made in specific size, brightness and contrast is properly adjusted and color balancing is done accordingly. EMS follows international guidelines for photo formatting. This formatting takes less space while storage. In short EMS has seen tremendous growth since its inception in various diversified fields. We have expanded ourselves, very fast and simultaneously; we have increased our capabilities to various dimension of the business on it raced from innovation to innovation.

EMS : For Public

EMS is unique in system and software designing and propagating the concept as it is simple and support maximum software used by the common people. EMS also reduce the gap between hi-tech of computer and common people which are going to work on computer. EMS has incorporated various keyboards for all Indian Languages to increase the adaptability of the system and also helps in feeding the data in to the computer. This also helps typist to adopt computer and system.

In short EMS has seen tremendous growth since its inception in various diversified fields. We have expanded ourselves, very fast and simultaneously; we have increased our capabilities to various dimension of the business on it raced from innovation to innovation.

WWW.EMSINDIA.COM and WWW.EMSTV.IN is a portal developed for Indian Community Sector. This portal has been developed based on requirements given by public to for joint up

State Govt. / Central Govt. / Local Govt. / Business man / Farmers / Common people etc.


Information can be searched in Hindi and English languages based on State /Dist/City/Category/Subcategory or Name.


EMSINDIA.COM has around one lakh daily viewers accessing information over Internet.


EMSINDIA.COM in helped Community & Govt. to send information about Govt. plans to village label people in Hindi and English languages,


EMSINDIA.COM has provided employment to more than 750+ people and new centers are opening in M.P State , C.G state.

Our Goals

1. To start regional news agencies in regional languages from every state of India within two years.

2. To release at least five news item of national importance in Hindi and English from even state every day, through our national and international file management system.

3. To establish virtual private network in five big state of India, so that we could release news materials on national and international level. This will certainly improve our image as a reliable and fastest news agency for print and electronic media both.

4. As per our assessment, there is a big market of Rs. 300 crore in service sector. We can enter in this market through VPN and can do lot of good things during next five years. Following services may prove useful for VPH:-

a. Central Govt. Service.
b. State Govt. Service.
c. Community Sector.
d. Panchayat Sector.
e. Video Conferencing.
f. Banking Service.
g. Insurance Sector.
h. Air and Railway Sector.
i. Tourism.
j. Corporate Sector.

EMS will provide services to the individuals and consumers associated/related with national and multinational companies. We will be able to provide district level information to various companies.

Express Media Service,

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