This page provide help regarding manual installation of fonts and changing the browser encoding. In case you are seeing some garbage matter on the pages click here to change encoding.

Download Fonts
Steps for Manual installation of fonts in Windows Environment

Welcome to the Express Media Service News Portal, if you are having problem reading News text please download the font installer which will automatically install the font on to your system (PC).

To download the font installer, please click here.

If you are using Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator Installation is a two step procedure
1.  Download the font installer from the above provided links, and save it to your desktop. 2.Double click on the downloaded font installer, the font installer will check and install the font on your machine & will display the below displayed window.

Choose "Yes" in the next window.

Read the message and Click on "OK" button.

Now you can read the news easily. Go back to

If your fonts are installed correctly, they will appear in the fonts list of the operating system. You may require to reboot the machine in Windows 3.1 system. In Windows-95/NT or above, it is not required to reboot the machine but you might have to re-open the running application in order to see the newly installed fonts. If you see desired font as one of the available fonts, you are through with the installation of fonts.

If fonts still do not work for you, then please send an email to specifying the following details:

Your Operating System, Browser type and Version and what step you are having problem with. Please specify particulars like difficulty in downloading fonts, extracting fonts, installing fonts, do this font work in other applications or not. Please elaborate on the problem nature, as it would help us in expediting the response. Since the font installation is only one time activity, you may get better help from a colleague/friend who is a computer guru.

In case of any problem please mail to:

Change Encoding

    Please select your browser:  Netscape Navigator | Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer  - Please follow these steps:

1: Click the View Tab on the Menu bar of your browser.
2: Click the font tab if you are using IE 4.0 or less, otherwise click Encoding Tab.
3: Click the User Defined Tab on the pull down menu

Netscape  - Please follow these steps:

1: Click the View Tab on the menu bar of  your browser.

Click the Character Tab if you are using Version 4.5 or Encoding Tab  if any other version.

Click the User Defined Tab on the pull down menu.